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What campers say
“What I enjoy the most at camp is being with my American friends”
Fernando, 12 years old (Madrid)
“We learn English while we are having fun, with no classes or books, just by living with lots of American girls. I have made so many good friends at camp. I love to come back every summer to see them. ”
Inés, 16 years old (Madrid)
“It is great to choose all the activities that we want to do every day. We learn English out of classrooms. I am all day having fun!”
Diego, 10 years old (Madrid)
“It’s been one of the best experiences in my life. Just awesome! I have met wonderful people. Everything at camp is carefully planned for us to have fun”
Amaia, 15 years old (Pamplona)
“The best ...? Everything!! Learning, having fun, making lots of friends… I am excited about camp throughout the year. I cannot wait to see my friends from last summer. I am also looking forward to meet many new ones. We can do so many different activities every day!”
Iñaki, 11 years old (Pamplona)
"I love going to camp every summer. Even though I am thousand miles away from my family, I feel like at home”
Laura, 14 years old (Valencia)
I have so much fun, we do so many activities. We learn English in such an easy way. I have lots of friends!"
Sofía, 13 years old (Valencia)
* Real testimonials from campers of Camps Overseas
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