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Summer camps in USA
All Camps encourage human and personal values development, the spirit of teamwork, community living, playing sports, gaining responsibility
and having respect for nature.

We have carefully selected and visited every camp/program that we work with. Every camp belongs to the ACA, American Camp Association,
(North American institution that certifies quality and safety at the camps). Camp locations are beautiful and have the great prestige and tradition of
an American camp.

Our main interest is to optimize the learning of English. There is a low enrollment rate of Spaniard applicants and we have exclusive rights
with most of them. Some of the camps are listed among the best in the world.

We have an office open all-year-round in the USA. For everyone’s ease of mind, during the summer, there will be a person on duty from Camps Overseas in the area of the camps, and our phone will be available 24 hours a day.

Camps Overseas’ success is guaranteed by the high percentage of children who repeat the experience with us every year.

This camp belongs to the ACA, American Camp Association
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Phone: +34 627 373 095